Transcendent Leadership and the Evolution of Consciousness was written as a result of an incredible Masters program at the University of San Diego in Leadership Studies. I was realizing the old models of leadership were not working anymore, but I didn't know why. When I found Ken Wilber's work of the Evolution of Consciousness, I found my answer. I created a meta-model of leadership theories, consciousness, time and a few other historical patterns thrown in which overlaid perfectly. I extrapolated the next leadership model which I call Transcendent Leadership. 

An exerpt from the book:

"The purpose of this study will suggest that leadership theories are inadequate unless they include transcendence as an essential element influencing human behavior. This author believes that if transcendence is included in leadership theories, an ebb and flow relationship will exist, providing opportunities where introspection and reflection of one’s role can cause individual transcendence to a higher level of consciousness, while at the same time causing transforming change in the individual and the organization. As James MacGregor Burns (1978) wrote, transforming leadership happens when “people raise one another to higher levels of motivation and morality”.


"If transcendence is included in the leadership theories, a synergistic, bridging process of honoring the self and the many, in a “spiritual humanism” could be possible.   The energy and creativity released by combining a balance concern for the material and consciousness aspects of life are not simply additive, they are synergistic … A co-evolutionary perspective reveals an elevated pattern and purpose to human evolution that can guide us toward a future bursting with creative possibility."

Lisa Aldon (2005-03-03). Transcendent Leadership and the Evolution of Consciousness. AuthorHouse.  

This is a presentation with notes given at the International Leadership Association Conference and is published in the Proceedings, October, 2010. 

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