Clearing Old Limiting Beliefs

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Hi Everyone,
I was at the beautiful resort/spa call Ojo Caliente this weekend. As I was baking in the warm fall sun under the spectacular New Mexico sky - see picture below, (and no, that color was not photoshopped!), I started feeling into a limiting belief I have around the flow of money. My flow is all outflow instead of inflow! I have been to some wonderful workshops in consciousness, called Avatar, and it teaches you how to find the core belief and then clear it out of your consciousness so it doesn't affect you negatively anymore. WOW, so powerful!

What I found lurking around in there was a belief about keeping myself "normal" and small, so I don't stick out of the crowd, so I wont be judged or "condemned" by family, friends or society. Therefore, I'll keep myself in the "normal" income range (regarding money) and don't create wealth, because, if you're wealthy, well, you might be judged as being greedy, selfish, not deserving of all that, and whatever else we as a society have around the judgement of wealth.

I know, it really doesn't make a whole lot of sense and as I'm typing this, I'm trying to figure out a better way of explaining it. Sometimes our core beliefs that formed when we were young and in some sort of painful situation, more than not, are not very rational. But, they are still there in feeling and affect every aspect of our life.

So, I cleared it out of my consciousness knowing that it is not serving me anymore! Wow, I felt so wonderful! Now, I can create from this clear space, without the filter of that limiting belief!

I share this with you because the Transcendent Leadership process is about co-creating in the consciousness that has no limits and is not in scarcity but in abundance for everyone. I believe we need to continually clear out all those lurking limiting beliefs within ourselves to be able to be fully present when we "do leadership".

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