The Evolution of Leadership and TED

Hi Everyone,
I recently applied to speak at TEDxABQ which is the Albuquerque TEDx. The theme this year is "Engage your Passion". I thought I would share with you my application submission as I think it really captures what Transcendent Leadership is all about, and, in my opinion, what TED is all about:

What's your "Idea worth Spreading?"

The Evolution of Leadership

We are at a tipping point. We are all evolving in consciousness, as individuals, and consequently as societies. Ken Wilber stated that for the first time in history we know this and not only are watching it happen, we are consciously co-creating the new consciousness. As a result, we are creating new and innovative processes, systems, education, organizations and leadership to facilitate the conscious evolvement of the planet (TED is one of the greatest example of this).  What is the leadership process to facilitate this? I call it Transcendent Leadership and define it as: a relationship dynamic among collaborative groups of people who co-create the future together, raise one another to higher levels of consciousness in the essence of spiritual humanism with the understanding of the interconnectedness of all things. I developed a meta-model that overlays the conscious evolution of our planet with leadership theories. I believe that the transcendent leadership process can provide the opportunity in which individual and therefore society will realize its evolution and its transcendence to transform our planet. The process of transcendent leadership will be an intrinsic part of the tipping point. Quoting from a Work Economic Forum article “central to a shared culture is an emphasis on transcendent leadership - the idea that standing above all other values is the ideal of a joint commitment to bettering the plant.”
Let’s “engage our passion” using the transcendent leadership process to undertake great and difficult tasks and co-create the future together.

Tell us why you'd make a great TED speaker:

I love TED. I’ve been watching TED since about 2003, but really having fun with it for about 5 years now.  I think its one of the greatest platforms for “ordinary” people to share extraordinary ideas. Also, I absolutely love to speak publicly... I know, weird right? some people would rather die... not me, I have a blast. In that moment, you are truly in the moment, and alive and interconnected with everything. That’s when the magic happens, when some part of our being recognizes that there is truth in what the speaker is saying, some spark ignites in our inner being, and quite voice says... listen... this is truth,... this is spirit.  This is when people are moved from inspiration to engagement and to action - this is TED.

Wish me luck!
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