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To achieve your greatest potential, you have to take risks. You have to stretch beyond anything you could have imagined. We work with the company and the individuals heart, mind and spirit to connect with their passion and creativity through innovative experiential workshops, mentoring, coaching, energy work, along with all the “traditional” methodologies of vision, mission, values, strategies and goals. 

We also help you to incorporate BIG data to empower your decision making and help you understand how beliefs can influence the results (either way). 

In these unprecedented times,  I am offering free online (Zoom) coaching and mentoring sessions.

Contact Lisa - set up your session today.

505-980-0037 or 

I am also offering online energy healing and readings for $2/minute.

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Experiential Workshops

Interactive, Effective and Fun Workshops, 

Customized for your Organization

Leadership and Co-Creators

Cultural Transformation

Building Trust

Creating your Story

Exploring Beliefs 

Timeframes will vary and customized

Leadership Development

Building Trust and Connections



Designing with Data - How BIG Data can help your organization evolve

Energy Work

Energy Assessment of your space

Personalized Public Speaking to Inspire, Explore,  Have Fun and Move to Action

Additional Services:

Expert Facilitation

Organizational Design for Evolved Companies

Building Relationships while Working Remote for Productivity and Trust

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